Mother’s Day Drug Free Migraine Gifts

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May 6, 2014

Despite what she says, you are most likely not the cause of her chronic migraines. You may however have something to do with her grey hair and possibly even her tension headaches. Which is why it is so important that you come up with some delightful drug free migraine gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year that say “I love you Mom!”

The Space
Consider some environmental gifts this year. Does your mom suffer with allergies as well as chronic migraines? If so, a new HEPA filter vacuum cleaner or air purifier can help remove common allergens from her home that may triggering headaches. If her home is cluttered, offer to help her purge and reorganize to create a feng shui optimized living space. This will help her manage daily stress (a common migraine trigger.)

Body and Soul
Mind-body therapeutic and drug free migraine treats include massage, acupuncture and (gentle) yoga sessions. Easing tension, or helping her ward off future stress, can reduce the risk for developing a migraine on Mother’s Day. Signing her up for several meditation classes might get her hooked on a wonderful life-long practice that has helped many people manage daily tension and chronic pain in their lives.

Entertaining gifts for your mother, who struggles with chronic migraine, must be calming and peaceful. Having brunch at the hottest jazz restaurant in town will surely be less enjoyable for her than it will be for you. Instead, if your budget permits, consider a super upscale restaurant where everybody talks in hushed voices and soothing classical or new age music accompanies the dining experience. If the weather is nice take a leisurely stroll through a nearby park or botanical garden for some soothing communing-with-nature time.

If mom’s severe migraines are making her life very difficult, you might even consider giving her the ultimate drug free migraine gift this Mother’s Day: the Omega migraine procedure. It could be the gift from you that keeps on giving every day!


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