Mom Tackles Migraines in Dallas Area

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June 27, 2014

Four young boys are going to be extremely happy to have their ‘fun’ mom playing with them again very soon. Thanks to Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Omega migraine procedure and Dallas migraine pain management expert, Dr. Scott Farley, one mom is getting her life back. Dallas CBS News Channel 11 just featured this heartwarming story about how innovatively applied medical technology is helping people beat debilitating migraine pain, and get their lives back.

The young mom of four boys told reporters “Sometimes I wasn’t able to jump on the trampoline… take the dog for a walk… I couldn’t go to the school functions… It was horrible.” Olicia Storms battled chronic pain for at least decade, before finally experiencing relief during the trial phase.

The migraine procedure involves implanting a small battery pack beneath the skin and running fine wires that attach to specific nerves in the front and base of the head. These leads send gentle electronic pulses that interfere with pain signals. Since her results were so promising, Ms. Storms is looking forward to having the neurostimulation device permanently implanted beneath her skin.

Her physician, Dallas migraine and pain management specialist, Dr. Farley said that it is particularly gratifying for him to help people retrieve their lives from pain, citing a 72-year old patient who hugged the doctor while crying and expressing his gratitude during an office visit. The man had suffered for 20 years with chronic pain before undergoing his migraine procedure.

When migraine pain disables one member of a family, the rest of family suffers as well.   No doubt, Ms. Storms will be bouncing on her trampoline with her little boys very soon, and be able to participate in the school functions she has been missing. Even the dog will get to enjoy his mommy-and-me time when she can take him for regular walks again.

To watch a clip of her story, click here.



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