Migraine Treatment: Toss the Plastic Cups?

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February 3, 2014

It may sound strange, but the new tools in your drug free migraine treatment strategy could include new drinking cups! Researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center have discovered another reason for tossing your BPA containing plastic water bottles and cups.

Sufferers, who treat migraine symptoms with behavior and lifestyle modifications, tend to also make dietary changes to prevent the onset of an attack or the escalation of ongoing migraine symptoms.  If you fall into this group of migraineurs, you may want to reduce your BPA exposure by choosing food and beverage containers that do not contain this chemical.

So, what is BPA and why is it bad for migraines?  According to the news article reporting the study, on the University of Kansas website, the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) mimics the natural estrogen found in our bodies.  The substance, used in the fabrication of many food and beverage containers, has been extensively researched in connection with cancer as well as undesired gender modifications in men.  The naturally occurring hormone estrogen has been studied and reported in women who suffer with menstrual migraines.

The American Headache Society recommends an individualized migraine treatment approach for these headaches, including preventative and abortive medication.  Thanks to this new research, a drug free migraine therapy to incorporate can be as simple as tossing the BPA containing plastics touching your water and food!

The research study, published in the Toxicological Sciences journal, evaluated data from exposing lab rats with headaches to BPA.  The scientists found that the rats, which were exposed, experienced an increase in their pain symptoms compared with those rats that did not receive BPA exposure.  One of the researchers concluded, “these findings, combined with our results, suggest that a clinical trial to decrease BPA exposure and levels in migraine sufferers may reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and may increase the quality of life for migraine sufferers.”

How wonderful! This research provides a drug free migraine tool that is as easy as eliminating harmful BPA from your nutritional intake.  Why would you think twice about replacing harmful plastics with BPA free containers such as microwaveable glass? Instead of plastic drinking cups, use glasses and be sure to choose a BPA-free refillable water bottle to tote to work and the gym.  Now this migraine treatment doesn’t require any FDA or medical approval—so go on, give it a try.

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