Migraine Treatment of the Famous

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January 10, 2014

The migraine treatment you rely on has to be reliable, because life is hectic, and you can’t afford to be out of commission for too long.  You know how overwhelming it can be living with a migraine condition, while carrying on with daily routines, caring for your loved ones and performing your job tasks.  Now, imagine that your career demands exercising extreme physical stamina, performing in bright lights or singing on stage—-all in front of hundreds if not millions of people.  Dallas migraine sufferer Troy Aikman; Hollywood actress and migraineur Lisa Kudrow; and Broadway star and migraineur Kristin Chenoweth understand exactly what that is like.

She will always be one of America’s favorite ‘Friends’ and leading funny ladies! Hollywood actress Lisa Kudrow suffered with hereditary (her father has them too) chronic migraines in her younger days, but as she has gotten older they have subsided.  According to Healthcentral her dad, a neurologist and headache specialist, discovered that nasal lidocaine drops could be used as a migraine treatment.  His research was published in JAMA.

Heading from the west to the east coast, via the south, Dallas migraine sufferer and former Cowboys quarterback and Hall-of-Famer Troy Aikman has also battled pain and other migraine symptoms while leading his team to many victories in front of millions of spectators.   His migraine treatment for the hereditary condition (migraines run in his family) includes taking triptan medication and avoiding his triggers when possible.  He is also an active proponent of migraine awareness.

Broadway show and award winning star Kristin Chenoweth was suffering with frequent and debilitating migraine attacks until her doctor began treating her with regular Botox injections.   She shared her personal story in a 2012 interview with Prevention magazine.  The FDA approved Botox injections in 2010, traditionally used for cosmetic procedures, to treat chronic migraines.

From Broadway to Hollywood and across Dallas, migraine suffering celebrities who choose to share their private pain are truly admirable for their courage in raising migraine awareness and helping regular people realize that migraines can affect everyone.  They also prove that migraines don’t have to get in the way of living your dreams!

Photo Courtesy of sportskings.com

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