Migraine Treatment in Bottle returns with Celebrity Spokesperson!

December 14, 2012

We featured an article earlier this year about the removal of Excedrin, a favorite OTC abortive migraine treatment for many chronic migraine sufferers, from store shelves due to manufacturer failures in the production process, involving broken tablets and mixed up medication.  For many migraineurs who may avoid taking prescription medications due to side effects, Excedrin provides the relief they seek in the combination of aspirin, caffeine and acetaminophen.  Although these ingredients are easily available in separate form, and could be taken together in similar dosages, many people claim it doesn’t work as well as the trusted brand.

In any event, when Novartis, the maker of the drug announced it was planning to restock store shelves early this fall, many migraineurs rejoiced, only to have their hopes dashed when early supplies were limited.  Then, according to a recent story on American News Report, there was some confusion about the new expiration dates, which was also subsequently resolved by company officials.  As if that wasn’t a bumpy enough return of the product, Novartis encouraged Facebook visitors to submit their migraine stories for a chance to enter a contest.  Entrants reported trouble with the site and questioned the veracity of the contest.  It seems throughout this time, chronic migraine sufferers have certainly had their loyalty for a favorite migraine treatment tested.

Perhaps as a little reward for their patience, the return of Excedrin has come with some social media entertainment factor!  Medical Marketing and Media online reports that singer Jordin Sparks, herself a migraine sufferer, has been enlisted as the brand’s celebrity spokesperson.  She will help launch the company’s education campaign to help women learn more about their migraine triggers with the help of a migraine app.  This app will allow people to track their migraine attacks and triggers, and share this information with their health care providers.  For people suffering with chronic migraines, the re-launch of Excedrin along with some helpful tools to monitor their condition, this comes as good news.  After all, when you suffer with this condition, each additional effective migraine treatment that is available to you, is comforting.

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