Migraine Treatment: Get A Buddy?

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December 9, 2014

Got a migraine in Houston, Raleigh or San Francisco? Get a migraine buddy! These cities rank among the top tech towns according to Forbes magazine, so it only makes sense that a tech related migraine treatment would be appreciated there. There’s an app for just about everything, and headaches and migraines are no exception. A company based out of Singapore has developed the latest member of the formidable lineup of migraine apps for the Android operating system of smart phones.

Techcrunch.com reports that a startup in Singapore recently developed an app called ‘Migraine Buddy’ that not only allows a migraineur to input their symptom and trigger information but the app actually uses data generated by smartphone sensors to track sleep and activity patterns.

This information can be very useful since poor sleep and physical exertion have been linked with triggering migraines, and patients often forget the details of this information during and after a migraine event. The company emphasizes the app’s potential for improving patient doctor collaboration throughout the comprehensive migraine treatment.

The app is currently available to migraine patients in Singapore. These people can download the app and get an access code from the doctor who treats their migraine condition. This allows the patient to upload data securely to the cloud, so that the doctor can view the vital tracking information to determine likely causes and appropriate treatment.

The developers plan to create a lite version of the app, that doesn’t require an access code. They also expect to develop an iPhone version as well. If you battle migraines in Houston, Raleigh or San Francisco and are searching for the perfect migraine app, you may have to wait a while until the Migraine Buddy becomes available to you. In the meantime, there are plenty of apps from which to choose. In fact searching through the options is enough to trigger a migraine!


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