Migraine Treatment Centers of America Supports the Pinky Swear Foundation

December 11, 2015

Friends, today is December 11: National Pinky Swear Day. Join us by donating $11 and sharing this message with 11 friends – all proceeds will go the immediate needs of kids with cancer and their families. Our goal is $6000 – you’ll see why below. You can donate here: Pink Swear Donation Page

What is it and why December 11? 

On this day in 2002, 9-year-old Mitch Chepokas withdrew his savings from the bank ($6000) and gave what money he had to his fellow patients in the pediatric oncology floor of his hospital – the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. His goal was to spread as much holiday cheer as possible to the dozens of children like him who were making the fight of their lives. Knowing that he would probably not be around to see the next December 11, Mitch made his dad “pinky swear” to keep helping kids with cancer.

And this is how the Pinky Swear Foundation was launched. For more than ten years now, Mitch’s dad and his associates have raised money to keep up the giving. This year, Nobilis decided that we would like to help, too, so we have become a corporate partner of the Pinky Swear Foundation.

If you would like to join us in support of the foundation, please click on the button below. You can give any amount – maybe $11 in honor of the day Mitch and his dad made the pact.

And please forward this to 11 friends – cause you can’t make a pinky swear alone.

Click here to give: Pink Swear Donation Page

To learn more about the Pinky Swear Foundation, please visit http://www.pinkyswear.org/.

Thank you and happy holidays everyone!

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-All at Migraine Treatment Centers of America

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