Migraine Treatment Can’t Save Angriest Man in Brooklyn

December 29, 2011

Ever feel like you’re the angriest person in your city? From Los Angeles to Houston migraine sufferers may find relief in an upcoming dark comedy — The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. Robin Williams says he may star as a migraine sufferer who gets a bit of bad news from his doctor. It seems no migraine treatment in the world will make a bit of difference because he has an aggressive form of cancer and only 90 minutes to live.

While Houston migraine sufferers diagnosed with the big C would most surely speed over to M.D. Anderson, Williams’ Brooklyn-bound character must decide how to spend his fleeting hour-and-a-half, and his choices are sure to hold a few surprises. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is an English-language remake of the Israeli film Mar Baum, directed by Assi Dayan in 1998. Although laughter is rarely, if ever, considered a form of migraine treatment, it is considered the best medicine.

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