Migraine Procedure Specialists Train at ‘Best’ Hospitals

August 16, 2013

Our network of partner docs, like Dr. Trevor Kraus, Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, and Dr. Abram Burgher, are tops – we know that already!  But now that US News and World Report’s annual ‘Best Hospitals’ rankings came out, it is exciting to see that our migraine procedure and pain management specialists have trained at some of the most elite hospitals in the country. 

The Annual ‘Best Hospitals’ rankings in US News and World Report are determined after reviewing data from about 5,000 hospitals and nearly 10,000 surveys from health specialists. Factors like patient safety, reputation and death rates were evaluated. 

It is important to note that some institutions were not surveyed, such as the nation’s top notch military hospitals, and many specialty areas like pain management were not specifically rated.  Although just 147 hospitals reached the national ranking for at least one area of specialization, only 18 made the cut for the Honor Roll.  In order to qualify, these top institutions ranked highest in 6 or more areas.

Migraine procedure specialists like Dr. Abram Burgher have undergone advanced medical training at prominent institutions that were featured among the ‘Best Hospitals’. After receiving his MD degree and completing his Internship, Dr. Abram Burgher went on to a Residency and Fellowship in Pain Management at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, which placed 3rd on the Honor Roll List of the rankings.

Yes, it’s true our migraine procedure pros are among the best in their field, and now it’s official that some of the training institutions at which they honed their skills are tops also!  Even though restoring a person’s quality of life is not yet nationally rated, one thing that our network of migraine experts would have in common is a top rank for compassionate and dedicated care they provide to their patients that suffer with chronic and debilitating pain every day.


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