Migraine Centers’ patient featured on NBC in Dallas

July 1, 2013

Theresa Cahill has suffered from migraines for years. After enduring so much pain, she reached out to the Migraine Treatment Centers of America for help.

Theresa made the trip from her home in Lake Wales, Florida to Dallas for the Omega procedure trial. After testing it out for a few days, it was a success! Now Theresa is ready for her permanent implants and ready to say goodbye to migraines for good.

You may think that’s the end of the story. But this trip to Dallas means more to Theresa than just getting migraine relief. Her doctor, Dr. Scott Farley told her he would need to shave off a small portion of her hair for the procedure. But Theresa had other ideas. She wanted ALL of her hair shaved!

Theresa wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. The gesture was inspired by a childhood friend of hers who lost her life to leukemia when she was just 10 years old. Theresa remembered the little girl often wearing synthetic wigs or a bandana. Her hope was that someone out there in need, could benefit from her hair donation.

We thought it was an amazing story, and so did KXAS, the NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas. They aired a story about Theresa and her plans on the 5 o’clock news. So here’s to you Theresa. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

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