Migraine Centers and the Omega Procedure featured on NBC in Nashville

August 26, 2013

The Migraine Treatment Centers of America and the Omega procedure are hits in Nashville! WSMV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee featured a story on the Omega procedure, and how it helped a woman with chronic migraines.

Reporter Ian Reitz told the story of Michele Bufford, a Tennessee woman who had suffered from migraines for 29 years. Now thanks to Dr. Matt Rupert and Migraine Centers, she’s no longer feeling the excruciating headaches she felt a year ago.

When she was 20 years old, she was involved in a nasty car accident where her head shattered her car’s windshield. From that day on, she suffered severe headaches, including some that lasted weeks.

“It feels like your brain is too big for your skull and there’s just so much pressure that it just feels like there needs to be a release,” Bufford said. Now, following her surgery in December of 2012, she’s back to living a normal life. She enjoys being in the sun and has plans to vacation at the beach, something she would have never done prior to having the Omega procedure.

Here’s how it works: Tiny wires the size of fishing line send electrical signals to the nerves that cause headache pain. So, when someone feels a headache coming on, they can send that signal to help stop the pain. It essentially tricks the brain into not feeling pain. Patients usually describe the feeling as a soothing, tingling feeling.

The Omega procedure has a published success rate of 90%. Needless to say, it certainly worked for Michele Bufford. To learn more about the Migraine Treatment Centers of America and the Omega procedure, click on migrainecenters.com.

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