June is Migraine Awareness Month!

June 14, 2012

To all of our chronic migraine sufferers: are you participating in National Migraine Awareness Month by telling your migraine story?  Migraines significantly impact lives, and it’s important for this condition to be recognized for what it is… not just another headache.

So, what is special about National Migraine Awareness Month?  The National Headache Foundation (NHF) expanded Migraine Awareness from one week to a month-long recognition period to increase the messaging exposure through various planned events and media outlets.  Two of the main goals of this cause are the following:

  • To help chronic migraine and migraine sufferers alike access necessary information and education to help them understand their own condition and find the best migraine treatment
  • To raise the level of understanding and tolerance among the broader community for migraines and the challenges faced by people suffering with this condition

The theme for this year’s Migraine Awareness Month is ‘Help make migraines visible!’.  According to the NHF, making migraines visible will help to lift the stigma of migraines, which especially makes living with chronic migraines a challenge.  Also, the hope is that with a higher level of awareness and understanding, funding for research will increase, leading to improved migraine treatments.  With more than 37 million migraine sufferers in the United States, if even a small percentage of this population succeeds in getting the message out, it could certainly have a wide-ranging impact.

The American Headache Society suggests ways for you to get involved and make a difference:

  • Share your migraine story openly and honestly, and be sure to use ‘migraine’ and not ‘headache’
  • Continue learning about migraines to stay up-to-date with the latest information to help yourself find relief for your symptoms
  • Wear the official awareness color: purple – and be sure to talk to people about it when they ask
  • Use social media to share stories, links, tweets and information
  • Bloggers can join the ‘Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge”, and Tweeters can join the ‘National Migraine Awareness Month Tweet Challenge”

Spreading the word can go a long way in making the lives of chronic migraine sufferers easier, from changing the perceptions of people around them, to helping raise support for generating new migraine treatments.

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