Miami and Houston Migraineurs: Get Your Bikini Body!

May 22, 2013

Guys in Miami suffering with chronic migraines: this information is for you too!  Ladies battling episodic migraine in Houston: if you haven’t worn a bikini in a long while you will still want to learn more.  With warmer weather rolling in to the nation’s warmer regions, we are all emerging from under those sweaters and jackets only to discover an unwelcome surprise: winter weight gain. That’s right – unbeknownst to us, while we were preoccupied with work, family, holidays and hibernating we indulged in a wee bit of comfort food.  What are a few extra pounds among friends? Well, they may be contributing to your headache or migraine condition.

According to the American Headache Society’s educational website, medical studies indicate that in younger adults, obesity increases the likelihood for migraines or serious headaches by 40 percent in women and between 30 and 40 percent in men.   Among older adults there isn’t any strong evidence suggesting a connection between migraines and obesity.  However, health complications that develop in obese individuals, such as heart disease and high cholesterol might increase the frequency of episodic headaches, and potentially transform a less frequent migraine condition into chronic migraine. 

In a recently published study from across the globe, far away from migraineurs in Houston and Miami, Japanese researchers found that obesity in migraine sufferers may in fact increase the risk for developing a chronic migraine condition.  The research was published earlier this year in The Journal of Headache and Pain.  While it is certainly not touted as a migraine drug, weight loss might be a good idea for several reasons.  If you put on an extra few pounds this past year, now is a perfect time to start working on getting your bathing suit body looking as good as you can, and warding off any possible risk for transforming episodic migraines into chronic ones.  Looking nice and feeling great — isn’t that a wonderful way to welcome summertime?


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