Meditation and Money Management: Drug Free Migraine Therapies

April 27, 2012

Once again, the granola culture out of California is giving us another new age answer to an ageless problem.  Holistic health counselor Cynthia Perkins has published a self-help ebook, Mindfulness Over Migraines, which teaches migraine sufferers how to treat their symptoms without a migraine procedure and drug free.  Migraine symptoms can be eliminated through mindful meditation according to Cynthia, using techniques, which she claims have helped her manage her own 15-year history with the condition.  According to her, “the right mindfulness meditation technique can be as effective, if not more so, at eliminating migraine pain as prescription medication. The criteria for the ’right technique’ includes a particular method, process and timing.”

Not surprisingly, mindfulness meditation, which originates with Buddhist tradition, has long been touted as an effective pain management technique. The purpose of mindfulness, according to Buddhist teachings, is to establish calm awareness of the body’s functions in one’s everyday life. In 1979, University of Massachusetts biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn developed his theory that people cold overcome stress, anxiety, pain and illness through mindfulness meditation.  In 2008 researchers in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester found that migraine headaches are associated with depression and anxiety and feelings of low self-efficacy.  The researchers concluded that practitioners of spiritual meditation benefited overall.

For some migraineurs, meditation may be an attractive alternative to an interventional migraine procedure, but others no doubt question the likelihood that a drug-free migraine therapy could actually produce long-lasting results.

A recent article on Reuters reported that 60 percent of illness is caused by financial stress, and that financial education can save up to $2000 per employee annually through increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs.  Employers have been offering financial wellness programs to their employees as part of a growing trend since the recent recession. Employees seem to be responding positively to their newfound understanding and control over their finances.  This seems to support the theory that mindfulness meditation could help individuals overcome physical distress by creating an emotional state of awareness and self-efficacy.  By gaining a sense of control and calm over your finances, you can reduce your overall anxiety, which is a known migraine trigger.

If you suffer with a migraine condition, and remain unconvinced that meditating would be the drug free migraine treatment you need, don’t worry because you have other options.  A minimally invasive migraine procedure might be the right long-term solution for you, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to add a little granola, relaxation and meditation to your treatment plan.

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