Mary G.

April 17, 2012

Age: 40
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Insurance Agent
Diagnosis: Migraines
Procedure Type: The Omega Procedure
Procedure Date: December 28, 2011

Pre Surgery Condition: Was not able to work through the weeks and months leading up to December.  Had gone through a tremendous amount of stress with doctors for over 10 years telling me that “It was just in your head” and that there was not a cure or treatment.

Post Surgery Condition: Since the surgery, I have worked, enjoyed life, traveled to San Antonio and Dallas for a number of events.  Enjoying working with my friends and clients.  We are going into our third month since surgery and there is a life after this great surgery.  Live, love, laugh and enjoy!  What a blessing this has been to me, to my family and friends.  Here to support and answer anyone’s questions. – Mary G.

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