Make a New Year’s Resolution to Manage Your Migraine Headaches

December 27, 2011

With the New Year approaching, recent research is giving you yet another reason to make a resolution to quit smoking. A study in the Journal of Headache and Pain shows a definitive link between cigarette smoking and chronic headache. The study tracked 361 medical students. Within the group, 74 students were smokers and 58 students suffered from chronic migraines. Of the 58 students with the chronic headache, 17 were smokers. The 17 students who smoke and suffer from chronic migraines revealed that smoking not only makes their symptoms worse, it often precipitates an attack. The study concluded that smoking may trigger a migraine after just five cigarettes.

While the sedating effects of nicotine may seem alluring, it is now clear that one drug-free way to control your chronic headache may be to quit cigarette smoking.  And why not take advantage of the momentum?  With other studies showing that healthier eating and exercise can help manage chronic migraines as well – as we have posted in some of our other updates – you could be on track to a healthier you!

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