Lubbock Migraine Sufferers Rediscover the Joy of Life

March 23, 2012

Imagine enduring a chronic headache ailment for 55 years or spending 25 days of every month in a state of nauseated misery.  These are the stories of two patients who were recently, successfully treated by Lubbock migraine specialist, Dr. Ralph Menard.

New Mexico housewife, 73-year-old Pat. B, has suffered most of her life with the debilitating pain of her chronic headache condition.   Over the years, Pat had tried many different medications and treatment options without success.  When she finally arrived in Lubbock, migraine doctor Ralph Menard performed the Omega migraine procedure, using gentle neurostimulation that treats the nerves, which produce migraine pain. Two weeks later, and migraine-free, she was amazed with the results.  She has since been enjoying spending time with her family and going about her daily activities.  She writes, “People don’t need to live in pain when there is treatment for you.”

As a preschool teacher, 23-year-old Lubbock migraine sufferer, Sasha K., couldn’t afford to be disabled with a chronic headache on or off the job.  Before her pain treatment with Dr. Menard, Sasha was forced to quit her job and spend her days at home with the lights dimmed just so that she could feel better.

Since Sasha was 13 years old, she suffered from the chronic headache condition that made it impossible to even go to the movies.   After receiving her treatment in Lubbock, migraine pain is no longer preventing Sasha from living a terrific life.  She has returned to work, attends concerts and enjoys spending time playing with her niece and nephew.

Pat and Sasha were inspired to get the migraine treatment they needed – and have been happy to inspire others to do the same.  Watch them and other Lubbock migraine patients tell their stories on Good Business Lubbock.

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