Loving Lessons and a Migraine Procedure

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February 16, 2015

Sometimes we all need a little wake-up to take the necessary steps in our lives that can turn things around for the better. If your drug free migraine date night strategies failed, perhaps Valentine’s Day has been your call to sign up for a migraine procedure. Unfortunately, major holidays and other special occasions can be headache triggers for many migraine sufferers. The following romantic ideas will help re-ignite the pilot light of your relationship if you suffer with migraines but still want to enjoy date night, not only on Valentine’s Day but throughout the year!

Perfume— Sure you want to spruce yourself up for your partner, and smelling great is part of any seduction strategy. Unfortunately, perfume is a major migraine trigger for many headache sufferers. If you are determined to smell like a flower, or spice box, you should experiment with controlled exposure to several subtle scents. Spray small amounts onto sample strips, and seal them in Ziploc bags. Sniff at your leisure and see how it goes.   This way you won’t be trapped wearing an offensive odor all day on your own skin.

Chocolate & Champagne— Nothing is more romantic than Champagne and chocolate. Except date night without throbbing head pain! Your drug free migraine toolbox should include some dessert ideas that inspire love rather than migraines. While some migraineurs swear chocolate triggers their headaches, and some headache experts blame the ingredient tyramine, the current data is mixed. Many pros in fact suggest that chocolate is unfairly blamed for migraines that might already be underway when a migraineur reaches for this soothing treat. Only your migraine journal can suggest what is right for you. In the meantime, tropical juice nectars and flavored coconut water are delectable alternatives for something sweet and exotic.

Candles— Everybody looks fabulous in the diffused and flickering glow of candlelight. Unless of course flickering and flashing light sources, such as TV screens and candles, trigger their migraines. A little creativity when it comes to creating that perfect mood lighting will spare your head and date experience. Night-lights, dark lampshades and soft light bulbs are all soothing and ‘forgiving’ options.

At some point you may discover that even the most conscientious efforts at mitigating migraine triggers are not working.   You (or your loved one) could be missing out on many of life’s pleasures and joys. A migraine procedure could be the most loving gift you can give yourself or your loved one. After all, it might be the gift that keeps on giving every date night!

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