Longevity Promoting Migraine Treatment

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February 2, 2015

We’re all too familiar with tragic stories about chronic pain sufferers losing battles with depression, and succumbing to suicide. And now, there is also medical research possibly linking shortened life spans with chronic pain for other reasons. So it is clear that effective migraine treatment is vital for people suffering with a chronic headache or migraine condition. While medication may help many of these people manage symptoms, a drug free migraine neurostimulation procedure, like the Omega procedure, might be the better option for chronic migraine sufferers, for whom medication is inappropriate or ineffective.

According to a story, published on the school’s website, about the results from a recent study out of the University of California-Berkeley, blocking pain could boost metabolism and even extend life! Blocking a certain pain receptor in mice was also shown to better manage blood sugar, and the risks associated with obesity. The lead author stated that “as humans age they report a higher incidence of pain, suggesting that pain might drive the aging process.”

The substance, capsaicin, which gives the chili its ‘kick’, activates the transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TRPV1). In capsaicin rich diets, these receptors are repeatedly activated and eventually the nerve cell will perish. This leads to lower rates of metabolic issues (and chronic pain).

Similarly, when older mice were given a migraine drug treatment that essentially replicates the effect of blocking TRPV1, they found the mice enjoyed a rejuvenated metabolic response. In fact, when the scientists mutated the mice to not have the TRPV1 receptors, they lived approximately 14 per cent longer than their unmodified counterparts.

Imagine the implications for people suffering with chronic migraine pain. Is it possible that choosing a migraine treatment like neurostimulation, which works by blocking the transmission of pain signals with gentle electronic pulses, could help extend life by treating chronic pain?

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