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If you have exhausted all other treatment options and have still not found a solution that work for you, we may be able to help.Our revolutionary migraine treatment, the Omega procedure, can provide long-lasting relief for people who suffer from chronic, debilitating migraine pain. In fact, the procedure is so effective, its innovators have been honored by the International Headache Society.Based on the medical research and techniques discussed in Combined Occipital and Supraorbital Neurostimulation for the Treatment of Chronic Migraine Headaches — a medical white paper published in the March 2010 edition of Cephalalgia, the journal of The International Headache Society, the Omega procedure works by using gentle neurostimulation to treat both the occipital and supraorbital nerves that cause severe headache pain.

Benefits of the Omega Procedure Include:

  • A significant reduction in chronic pain.
    • Most patients have experienced an 80% to 100% reduction in their migraine pain.
    • Most patients are able to completely stop taking migraine medications or greatly reduce the amount they take.
    • Most patients no longer need to visit doctors or the hospital for migraine pain.
    • Most can return to their normal work, school and family routines.
  • Comfort — patients are usually not aware of the implant or only feel a gentle, soothing vibration.
  • No physical limitations — patients can continue to play a wide range of sports.
  • Superficial location under the skin — the implant cannot damage the brain, spine, major nerves or organs.
  • The battery implant and wires typically cannot be seen.
  • Ability to test the treatment before the actual procedure.

To find out if you are a candidate for our revolutionary Omega procedure, simply provide us your contact information so that one of our Patient Care Managers can discuss your options with you.

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