Nashville Migraine Treatment Center

Nashville migraine sufferers now have a local resource for treating chronic migraine pain, using some of the latest medical advancements. Our Franklin migraine treatment center provides convenient access to:

  • An initial chronic migraine evaluation
  • Access to a leading pain management specialist
  • One of the country’s top outpatient surgical facilities

Migraine Treatment Centers of America is the exclusive provider of the Omega™ migraine procedure. The procedure provides chronic migraine sufferers an alternative to prescription medications, Botox injections or plastic surgery.

Migraine Treatment Centers of America provides an educational video so chronic migraine sufferers can learn about the Omega migraine procedure.

In the Omega migraine procedure, a physician implants a small device that provides gentle stimulation to the nerves under the skin that send migraine pain signals.  This gentle neurostimulation (“neuro” means “nerve” in Latin) typically stops most or all migraine headache pain in patients who respond to the treatment.

How do you know if you are a good candidate for this procedure?  First, our migraine specialists will ask you a series of questions to determine whether your migraines qualify as a chronic migraine.  Then, they will provide a diary for you to be able to track your migraine patterns, so you can discuss your symptoms and treatment history with your own physician and with our interventional pain specialists.  If you have consistently tried conservative treatments and they are not relieving your pain, the Omega migraine procedure might be right for you.

The next step is to undergo a trial to see if you are in the majority of patients that respond to neurostimulation.   If it works for you, you will immediately feel relief from migraine pain, even if you attempt to trigger a migraine.   The last step is to implant the neurostimulator, which you can turn on and off or adjust using a remote. The procedure is performed at Cool Springs Surgery Center, located in Franklin, TN – one of the top outpatient facilities in the Nashville area.

If you suffer from chronic migraines, it’s time to imagine living without the chronic pain.  Take the next step and get a chronic migraine evaluation by calling (855) 300-6822.

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