Houston Migraine Treatment Center

Houston’s Migraine Treatment Centers of America location provides chronic migraine sufferers a drug-free solution to treat migraine pain. Our network of leading physicians, board-certified in pain management, provides the Omega™ migraine procedure – a long-term, adjustable, reversible medical procedure that uses neurostimulation.


If you are in the Houston area, you have convenient access to:

  • Free chronic migraine evaluation
  • Free migraine seminar
  • Access to a leading physician board-certified in interventional pain management
  • One of the nationa’s top surgical facilities

Free migraine evaluation. A chronic migraine occurs more than 15 times per month and is painful enough to prevent you from participating in your typical work, home and social activities. If you think you have chronic migraines and have not had success with migraine treatment, the Omega migraine procedure may be right for you. Allow our staff to evaluate your medical case and tell you if you are qualified for the Omega migraine procedure.

Free migraine webinar. Migraine Treatment Centers of America provides an educational video so chronic migraine sufferers can learn about the Omega migraine procedure.

Board-certified physicians. Migraine Treatment Centers of America works with some of the leading physicians in interventional pain management – providing medical procedures to treat chronic pain. They have not only been pioneers in pain management, but have also participated in related clinical research.

Surgical facility. Victory Healthcare is proud to provide a top-notch facility with excellence in medicine, technology and care.

Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Houston location also partners with local hotels to provide a convenient and comfortable experience for its out-of-town patients.

Contact us for more information at (855) 300-6822.

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