Dallas Migraine Treatment Center

Dallas migraine sufferers have a convenient way to learn more about the Omega™ migraine procedure – a long-term, adjustable, reversible and drug-free solution for chronic migraine pain. Migraine Treatment Centers of America’s Dallas office provides:

  • A free chronic migraine evaluation by medical staff
  • Free educational seminars about a medical procedure to stop migraine pain
  • Partner physicians board-certified in interventional pain management
  • One of the top surgical facilities in the country

Free migraine evaluation. Do you wonder what migraine treatment is best for you? If you have intense headaches more than 15 times per month, and are not happy with your current migraine treatment, then the Omega migraine procedure may be right for you. Allow our staff to evaluate your medical case and tell you if you are qualified for this potentially life-changing procedure.

Free migraine webinar. Migraine Treatment Centers of America provides an educational video so chronic migraine sufferers can learn about the Omega migraine procedure.

Board-certified physicians. Our partner physicians are board-certified in interventional pain management, which means that they provide medical procedures to help patients reduce pain. Migraine Treatment Centers of America works with some of the leading physicians in the field.

Dallas is the headquarters for Migraine Treatment Centers of America, hosting the Patient Care Managers and insurance team that strive to provide a smooth experience for our patients.

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