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Chronic migraine sufferers are looking for answers from people just like you. They are asking for input about treatment options on forums, and are searching for ratings of Migraine Treatment Centers of America on review sites like Google Reviews and Yahoo Local.

Please help them find the light at the end of the tunnel by sharing your story online.

We need your help. We need you to reach out to these migraineurs and share your story.

To say thanks to you, each time you tell us about one of your posts, we will enter a submission into a raffle. For every thirty submissions, one will win a free iPad and two will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. (So if you post a review to five websites, you will be entered five times.)

Below are suggested starting points for ratings websites and forums. Just post your review or share your experience with us. Then let us know that you posted it, and we will enter you in the raffle. Call Jon at 214-378-4614 or send an email.

Google Reviews
We have currently only no reviews on Google Reviews. This is one of the first places people search to see what experience former patients have had. Please post a rating here!

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ABC News: Experimental Surgery Blocks Migraine Pain
This 2012 television news story covered only one type of migraine procedure. Help spread the word about neurostimulation and your experience!

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You may need to register for this comment to be viewed publicly. Migraine Surgery
This 2008 posting discusses another type of migraine surgery. You may want to share information about neurostimulation (the Omega procedure).

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Migraine Surgery — New Technique Developed for Chronic Sufferers
This 2011 post describes plastic surgery. does not mention any other type of migraine procedure. Please share your Omega procedure story here!

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Migraine Surgery – Has Anyone Heard of This?
“SLWold” asked if anyone has heard of migraine surgery. A few people have posted responses about Botox and Imitrex injections, but nothing about a migraine procedure. SLWold might appreciate hearing from someone who has had a migraine procedure.

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Did you post your review of the Omega Procedure at Migraine Treatment Centers of America? Don’t forget to tell us, to be entered in the raffle for an iPad or Starbucks card! Call Jon at 214-378-4614 or send an email.