‘Know it All’ Tips Not Helping Chronic Migraine

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April 8, 2014

Doesn’t it just drive you looney that everyone seems to have  ‘Something’ to say when your chronic migraine condition flares.  Maybe you have already tried virtually every treatment and therapy out there, and now you are thinking about undergoing the Omega migraine procedure.

After all, you have heard so many exciting things about this long lasting migraine treatment!  But in the meantime, don’t you just wish people would just stop offering their unwelcome advice?  A recent article in the Huffington Post listed things these well meaning people should not say to a migraineur.  Some of these include when people say:

They also get headaches.
Migraines are not simply headaches.  While many people get tension headaches occasionally, migraine is a debilitating neurological condition with symptoms that can last for days.

You should power through a migraine.
Keeping active and fit may help prevent headaches and migraines, but when you are in throes of one, hopping around is the probably last thing that would help you feel better.  Activity will also not be an effective distraction from migraine pain.

You need to stop stressing.
While stress can be a trigger for chronic migraines, it is not the underlying cause for this diagnosis.  Because more women than men tend to be afflicted with migraines, social bias may lead some people to believe that a woman’s ‘neurotic’ personality may cause her headaches.

You should be patient and your migraines will go away.
A headache expert interviewed in the article said that migraine is chronic for many, and may last as long as a lifetime.  The condition may flare and wane depending on life events, hormonal fluctuation etc.  Long-lasting relief is more likely achieved with a migraine procedure than simply waiting-it-out.

You should take it easy since migraines aren’t deadly.
While this may be true, when someone is vomiting and pain medication isn’t helping the agony, this thought is not very reassuring.  If anything, it seems flippant.  While most agree severe depression can lead to thoughts of suicide, many people don’t realize the risk for developing depression when you suffer with a chronic pain condition.

So, the next time somebody offers you his/her ridiculous words of wisdom, don’t take it to heart.  They probably mean well, and just don’t understand.  If somebody should mention they have a friend who suffered with chronic migraines until he underwent a migraine procedure — well, you may want to actually continue that conversation, because that could be the one that really does help!

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