June is Migraine Awareness Month

June 5, 2014


June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. 300 million people worldwide suffer from chronic headaches. While the numbers are staggering, often times, migraines and headaches aren’t properly diagnosed or treated.

That’s why the Migraine Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to raising awareness of migraine treatment by wearing purple in the month of June. As so many of you can relate, migraines can cripple someone’s life. They cause issues with relationships, work, depression, pain medication dependency, and tragically, many contemplate suicide.

That’s why Migraine Centers is doing their part to help migraine sufferers live their lives pain free by offering the Omega Procedure. The Omega uses a small device that’s implanted below the skin in your lower back or shoulder. It’s attached to a thin wire the size of fishing line under the skin on top of the nerves.

Anytime you feel a migraine coming on, you adjust the device with a small remote to control the pain. The wires essentially trick the brain into not feeling pain. Most describe the feeling as a soothing, tingling sensation. Doctors have patients do a trial first to see if it works.

During the trial, patients are encouraged to do everything they can to try and trigger a migraine. If after a few days the trial works and they’re experiencing less pain, then doctors will perform the permanent procedure. The popularity of the Omega is growing due to its proven 90% success rate. That’s based on published, independent research.

Migraine Awareness Month couldn’t come at a better time. Summer is bad for migraine sufferers because they’re out in the sun more, and as you all know, light is a trigger for migraines. Kids are out of school and at home more which means more noise……another trigger! And alcohol is often consumed more during the summer months, which also is bad news for migraine sufferers.

Hot weather also leads to dehydration, yet another trigger. So it’s important to use Migraine Awareness Month as a reminder of how bad the pain can get if we don’t know and avoid the common triggers that set them off. And it’s important to seek out the right treatment once your headaches become too much to handle.

For more information about Migraine Centers and the Omega Procedure, log on to migrainecenters.com.

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