“When I woke up
from surgery,
the pain
was gone

- Jim B. (Actual Patient)

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Migraine Treatment Will Never Be as Inexpensive As It Is Now


Deductibles reset in January, so there will never be a better time to get back or neck treatment.


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Nearly 4,000 patients have found relief with the Omega Procedure.

Key Benefits of the Omega Procedure

Non-pharmaceutical. No side-effects and greatly reduced cost.
Relief. Nearly 90% success rate in those who trial the procedure.
Control. Take back your life with the push of a button.
Proven. The result of 40 years of research in neurostimulation.


It’s a life changing experience. I had almost given up on finding relief since I had tried everything. I felt like a human pin cushion. I now have my life back and it’s more enjoyable than I ever imagined.


— Brooke F., an Omega Procedure Patient


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In order to qualify for the Omega Procedure, you must have been previously treated by a neurologist. At this time, we are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, but we are able to work with most private insurers.