Insurance Deductibles: Tell Your Migraines Goodbye for Less

October 20, 2015

Health Insurance Deductible

Despite the fact that medical insurance has been in the news a great deal over the last several years, it can still be a confusing subject. PPO. FSA. POS. The insurance industry is full of acronyms and specialized terms, and each one of them matters.

But perhaps the most important thing to understand, especially when it comes to saving on medical procedures, is your deductible.

What is an Annual Deductible?

The annual deductible is the set dollar amount you pay for services in a calendar year before your insurance kicks in. For example, if the deductible on your policy is $1000.00, you would have to pay that much of your medical expenses before your policy will begin paying those bills.

Not too confusing, right? Except that doesn’t include co-pays, and not all services are covered depending on your policy.

What are the Benefits of Deductibles?

Though it can all be a little overwhelming for folks who aren’t in the know, there’s a big benefit to meeting your deductible. It all depends on timing.

Toward the end of the year, if you have come close to or met your deductible, you can schedule medical procedures you may have been putting off — because your insurance company will pay for more or even all of your procedure.

But these annual deductibles are just that: annual. Which means they reset at the end of the year. Waiting won’t save you anything, but acting soon will.

Why Wait for Relief?

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