Independence Day from Chronic Migraine Pain

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July 1, 2014

Does the anticipation of every holiday fill you with a sense of dread? How can you plan to party with friends and family when fear and anxiety, about triggering your chronic migraines, consume you?

Simply expecting sensory stimulation is sure to send you heading for the hills of pain. The 4rth of July is particularly worrisome for reveling migraineurs in Franklin, Chicago and everywhere across the country celebrating the nation’s birthday. If you suffer with migraines, not only do you have to cope with crazy parties everywhere, but the deafening sounds and flashing overhead sparks from fireworks dropping out of the night skies are too much to bear.

Consider this last minute July 4rth alternative celebration that just might save you from headache hell: You be the host!

Hosting your own party is a sure fire way to set the fun dial for exactly what you need in order to keep your chronic migraine pain at bay for the day. If your friends and family insist on heading to a fireworks show; offer to get the party started at home and have them come over afterward.

This way you aren’t left out of the celebration, but you will be sure to escape migraine triggering booms and flashes. Encourage your friends and family to bring food and new friends. This way you have less prep work and more fun people to meet. Choose your music playlist with care to prevent triggering your sound sensitivity.

Along with the standard party menu fare, prepare migraine friendly foods and alcohol-free ‘mock-tails’ for yourself (and any other grateful migraine suffering friends.)

Keeping your chronic migraine pain medication in your home, along with these drug free strategies should alleviate your worst fears for July 4rth partying this holiday weekend in Seattle, Chicago or Franklin. Migraines don’t have to keep you out of the celebration, but you may need to keep your personal fun-meter at ‘moderate’ rather than ‘turbo’.


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