Hypnotherapy: A Distraction From Chronic Headaches

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December 18, 2014

It sounds like a lot of hocus-pocus, but hypnotherapy is one of the drug free migraine and chronic headache therapies that some believe can be more helpful than medication. You probably have no interest in buying into hypnosis, but most likely you have been mesmerized one time while watching someone on TV fall under ‘the spell’ of a hypnotist. What do hypnotherapists do and how can people experience relief from pain as a result of this alternative treatment protocol?

A recent news article from the local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh reported that one woman suffering with debilitating migraines discovered that directed hypnotherapy taught her how to manage her pain once headaches begin. Though it hasn’t stopped her headaches, she has found it to be a useful drug free migraine tool in controlling and her own pain.

A hypnotherapist interviewed for the report said that she teaches her patients how to use hypnosis on their own to achieve a very relaxed and focused state in which they can use their own mind to temporarily block pain.

For someone with a chronic headache condition, any therapy that doesn’t require taking additional medication could certainly be a favorable component within a comprehensive treatment plan. In a medical study, published during 2012 in the journal Headache, scientists found that when headache patients where given the choice between taking medication or receiving neurologist administered hypno-relaxation therapy, most of them chose therapy.

More subjects in the hypnotherapy group (74%) experienced at 50 per cent decrease in headache rate, than in the medication group (58%).

Similar to other types of relaxation therapies, hypnosis might be a safe and effective therapy to add to your ongoing headache and migraine treatment. It isn’t a cure for these conditions, and doesn’t seem to eradicate headache pain. If you suffer with debilitating chronic headaches or migraines, drug free migraine therapies relying on relaxation techniques may be insufficient and not always practical. However used together with migraine medication, or a long-lasting migraine procedure, hypnotherapy may be advantageous and hardly hocus-pocus.

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