Hot Weather and Chronic Headaches

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August 22, 2014

Its not just some Phoenix migraine and chronic headache sufferers who dread summer heat. For people living around the world in the cities where temperatures soar into the 90’s and even 100’s, brutally hot summers can be overwhelming. These folks need to develop some serious coping strategies or seek treatment like the long-lasting Omega migraine procedure, because summer can drag on through October!

Migraine and headache sufferers are often highly sensitive to external environmental factors like air pollutants, humidity, barometric pressure changes as well as extreme temperatures and fluctuations.

According to a study performed by researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, patients treated in the emergency room for severe headaches were found to be at a 7.5 percent increased likelihood to experience symptoms with each 9-degree (5 degree Celsius) rise in temperature.

That was more significant than the elevated headache risk among patients who showed up in the ER as a consequence of barometric pressure change. The study was published in the March 2009 Neurology journal. The scientists evaluated data on over 7,000 ER headache patients. They emphasized that relative temperature rises were key rather than simply hot weather. So, perhaps for residents in mountain and desert zones, where temperature variability can be more extreme, this poses a greater challenge. This concerns you Boulder and Phoenix migraine sufferers….

Before your burn up just thinking about what this study means for you and your chronic headache condition, keep your cool with some heat hints:

  • Stay hydrated with water, sports drinks or even water infused with fruit juice.
  • Ease up on strenuous outdoor exercise. Move your workouts into the A/C.
  • Limit outdoor activities to early morning and evening hours and avoid peak temperatures.

Even if you live in Chicago or Saskatchewan, don’t believe heat will only trigger headaches or migraines in Phoenix and Mexico City! When temps surge this summer in cities and towns everywhere, headache and migraine sufferers with heat sensitivity need to take precautions. Weather patterns have become more unpredictable, so its important to practice self-care, and even consider a migraine procedure, because altering the environment is not a realistic headache or migraine treatment.

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