Home Office Tips for Drug Free Migraine Solution

October 16, 2012

Working from home can be a blessing or a curse depending on your workspace design.  If you suffer with chronic headaches or migraines, sometimes even the thought of opening your emails and getting going on those files can be enough to trigger pain from a tension headache or migraine.  What you could really use is a drug free migraine treatment that you can ‘have’ with your work.  This is precisely what a migraine-friendly home office design can offer!

  • Sound Proof Space – minimizing loud noise is helpful in most work environments but for a migraineur it is particularly important to reduce this potential trigger.  Carpeting on the floor, fabric window treatments and even thick wall covering such as acoustic foam or cork can insulate you from the loudest rock band.  Consider a sound source, such as a music player or CD player to play recordings of white noise or soothing tunes.  The hum of a ceiling fan can also work wonders.
  • Lovely Lighting – whether you suffer with migraines or another chronic headache type, bright lights can make your symptoms unbearable. In fact office lighting has been known to trigger headaches in many people, due in part to imperceptible flickering in fluorescent light bulbs.  Make sure to keep fluorescent bulbs out of your office, and choose incandescent ones instead.  You may want to experiment with placing lamps in different positions to find your ideal spot.  A well-positioned desk lamp, rather than overhead lighting, should work best as long as the glare doesn’t hit your eyes.
  • Comfy Seat – when you sense a headache approaching or tension building, having an easily accessible place to recline for a while and rest may ward off or lessen the severity of a headache.  A sofa or futon work double duty as seating for visitors.
  • Ergonomics – make sure your desk chair fits you.  Your feet should rest flat on the floor and your computer screen should be at eye level or slightly below.  If your seat back has a supported neck and head rest you can lean back and ease strain that arises from unconsciously craning your head forward.  At the top of the list for most drug free migraine solutions, is minimizing muscular tension.  Back and shoulder tension when you work tends to creep up into the neck and head.  If you have chronic tension headaches, it’s very important to be mindful of maintaining good ergonomics and posture.
  • Bring in a little nature – The British source Daily Mail featured a health report on MailOnline about a Swedish study that found adding a potted plant to your desk can help reduce stress and headaches while your work.

Stress and tension are widely recognized triggers for migraines and other chronic headache conditions.   With the tips above, you can minimize these culprits in your workspace and enhance not only your health but your productivity as well.  That’s a double bonus drug-free migraine therapy we can all use.

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