His and Hers Migraine Procedure

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April 20, 2015

Gender neutrality doesn’t exist everywhere but when it comes to the Omega migraine procedure, you’re in luck. Whether you’re a man or a woman, this migraine treatment can help you get out pain and back into life! Though you may not think it would be a big deal, a recent news story reveals that men and women might be experiencing migraine conditions differently. So, one might wonder about the impact this has on the efficacy of various gender neutral or specific migraine therapies. In other words, is what is good for the goose good for the gander?

An article published recently on Medical Daily, reported some data findings that were gleaned from Migraine Buddy, a migraine tracking mobile app. The study was based on self-reported triggers, symptoms, duration and frequency. Migraine apps are a popular way that many tech savvy migraine sufferers track their migraine information. This and other similar apps, help migraineurs understand their condition better, and consequently this information assists the migraine doctor in prescribing his or her optimal migraine treatment plan.

The data reveals distinct gender differences in terms of migraine frequency, duration, triggers and symptoms:

  • Frequency: Men typically average one less migraine headache each month. They are also less likely to take medication for migraine than the women.
  • Duration: Women’s migraines drag on at least an hour longer than the 6.5-hour migraines usually experienced by the men.
  • Triggers: Men report their migraines are 35 per cent more apt to be triggered by physical activity whereas the women indicated that weather changes set their migraines in motion, with a a 50 per cent greater likelihood than the men reporting on weather sensitivity.
  • Symptoms: When it comes to pain, according to the data, women are suffering more than the men. They were also more prone to nausea and odor sensitivity. Men on the other hand were especially sensitive to light and prone to migraine related depression.

When it came to sleep however, the gender differences seem to disappear. Sleep depleted people who clocked less than 7 hours of nightly snooze time, whether male or female, can attribute about 30 per cent of their migraines to this trigger. Many of the differences between male and female migraine experiences could be related to female hormonal fluctuations.

Migraine treatments can be customized to accommodate each patient, taking into consideration gender along with other differentiating attributes. Men and women can begin to avoid their triggers based on the information they collect from tracking their migraines in a simple journal or on a spiffy app like Migraine Buddy. A migraine specialist can prescribe and adjust the appropriate medication and other therapies for individual patients. Fortunately treatments like the Omega migraine procedure, or even sufficient sleep, are gender neutral and can help the goose as well as the gander!

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