Herbs: Drug Free Migraine Therapies?

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November 24, 2014

Just because they grow naturally on earth shouldn’t make you believe that so-called herbal drug free migraine therapies are completely safe and designed for you as ‘nature intended’. Nevertheless, chronic migraine sufferers who are not adequately relieved through medication alone (for various reasons) often seek out alternative therapies in hopes of finding a treatment for pain and other symptoms. Herbal remedies like feverfew and butterbur are popular options for some people. Alternately, for certain chronic migraine sufferers, the Omega migraine procedure could be the perfect next step in a comprehensive migraine treatment plan.

Natural health and wellness guru and author Dr. Andrew Weil recommends eliminating common dietary triggers before trying the drug fee herbal migraine therapies, feverfew and butterbur. Feverfew supposedly prevents the dilation of certain blood vessels in the head, which are involved with migraine events. According to his website, a daily dose between 100 and 150 mg, containing .2 percent of the key chemical parthenolide can be taken long term.

He also recommends trying butterbur extracts that eliminate the herb’s naturally occurring pyrrolizidine alkaloids. His suggested dose for adults is 50 to 100 mg, containing at least 7.5 mg of the substances isopetasin and petasin, taken two times per day with food.

The National Institutes of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) website says that supporting scientific research for feverfew drug free migraine therapies has been inconclusive, but that serious side effects are not likely. Mouth irritation, digestive problems and complications from long-term use are possible. The NCCAM cautions that unprocessed butterbur could damage the liver, cause gastrointestinal problems and possible allergic reactions among other side effects. It is recommended that prior to anyone considering trying these complementary therapies, they discuss doing so with their physician.

Perhaps you have unsuccessfully tried managing your migraine pain with medication and trigger avoidance, to little or no satisfaction. While complementary and alternative therapies offer certain benefits, you might want to learn more about how the Omega migraine procedure could be the right treatment for your chronic migraines.   Although herbs aren’t drugs, and they do grow in nature, they aren’t necessarily effective or even safe for everyone.

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