Healthline Announces the Best Migraine Apps of 2017

December 12, 2017

As smartphones and devices continue to dominate the market, more and more medically oriented apps are being created. By helping users track and understand their conditions and enabling easy communication of this information with medical providers, these innovations have helped countless people with care. This is certainly the case for migraineurs as migraine apps make the process of recording information about their attacks, symptoms, and treatments easy and accessible.

As with anything involving the tech world, current apps are constantly being refined and new ones created. To help track these developments, Healthline publishes an annual listing of what they consider to be the most successful of these apps based on functionality, design, user reviews, and overall reliability. They just recently published “The Best Migraine Apps of 2017.”

So who’s in this year’s class? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Relax Melodies:

    Available for both iPhone and Android, this free app uses soothing soundscapes to help users achieve deeper states of relaxation. While it’s primarily designed to help people fall asleep, many migraineurs have found the sounds helpful during attacks. It’s highly rated by all users.

  • Manage My Pain Pro:

    Knowing as much as possible about migraine attacks and symptoms helps both patient and doctor. This app excels in allowing users to easily record things like symptoms, frequency of headache, intensity, and duration and can provide spot analysis of this data. In addition, migraineurs and their doctors can access charts, graphs, and statistics to get a deeper sense of the case. It’s only available for Android at the moment and costs $3.99.

  • iHeadache:

    This free iPhone app helps users get a sense of when headaches are most frequent and can help them clue into factors that exacerbate symptoms like sleep or dietary patterns. Moreover, users report severity, duration and frequency of attacks, types of symptoms, medications taken, and other factors to get a comprehensive view of their condition.

  • Migraine Buddy:

    2017 isn’t the first time Migraine Buddy has appeared on Healthline’s list. Put simply, this free iPhone app sets a standard for tracking migraine symptoms, prodromes, triggers, and other health factors. It guides migraineurs through this process and offers detailed analysis of this data. There’s even a social media component, where users can connect with others and share information. Migraine Buddy has a near perfect rating in the App Store. See our profile of Migraine Buddy here.

  • Curelator Headache:

    Most users of this free iPhone app rave about its intuitive and well-designed interface. This allows them to easily enter in symptoms as well as factors that might influence them. Unlike many other comparable apps, this one can take into account weather patterns. With this information, migraineurs get a better sense of what influences their condition.

  • Migraine Diary

    The nice thing about Migraine Diary is that it offers a simple platform for users that just want an easy way to track their condition. Symptoms and triggers can be easily logged and assessed, and, despite being completely free in the Android store, this one is ad free.

  • Headache Log

    What sets this migraine tracking app apart from others, is, in fact, the level of detail that it allows a user to report. Migraineurs can log intensity, duration, and frequency of headaches, their specific locations, what interventions were used to take them on, as well as how effective treatment was. Reports and data can be customized to enrich the experience. It’s no wonder that this free Android app is so highly rated.

Clearly, smartphone users have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. Migraineurs and their doctors get deeper, fuller information about the specifics of the condition. It’s as personalized as and individualized as migraine cases are themselves. What’s more, this technology allows sufferers to take on a more active role in taking on the condition. In the struggle against this difficult condition, everything helps.

If you suffer from chronic migraine, the team at Migraine Treatment Centers of America is ready to help. These experts employ the latest in technologies and approaches to provide lasting treatment for this difficult condition. Learn more by calling a Patient Care Manager at (855) 300-6822 today!


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