Having a Happy Marriage Despite Migraines

June 15, 2015

shutterstock_148045373A recent study shed light on the dramatic impact that a person’s migraine condition has on their entire family. The impact on marriage, in particular, was profound. For example, 72 percent of chronic migraine sufferers said they would be better partners without migraines. The statistics look stark but there are still millions of people who maintain healthy, happy marriages despite their hardships. Here are four qualities necessary to having a successful marriage when migraines are part of the picture.

Be Open. Successful communication is going to start with the person who suffers from migraines. You will have to be open and honest with your partner about your condition early on when you’re dating. This is important in marriage, as well. If you are hiding your migraine pain, it is only going to make your partner upset if you deny intimacy or act short-tempered. If you tell them the truth, they should understand. Explain that migraines can be debilitating for days unlike sinus and cluster headaches. Plus, it’s important for both partners to be honest about the pressure your condition puts on your relationship. Don’t avoid those conversations (unless, of course, you are in the throes of a severe headache). In all aspects, openness will encourage understanding.

Be Compassionate. Both you and your spouse will have to work on being compassionate. Migraines are a burden that nobody wants. You did not cause migraines. For success in a relationship, you and your partner will have to share the weight that migraines place on your family. When migraine symptoms flare, the spouse will need to manage the household while the migraineur is out of commission. The migraineur should also have compassion for the toll migraines take on their spouse. When migraines are at bay, make up for lost time by spending quality time together. At the end of the day, you need to come together as a team to survive the pain

Be Thankful. You may be grateful for your spouses understanding, but it is crucial that you express your appreciation. Do not hold onto any guilt, but do acknowledge that your partner is sharing this burden and that your life is better because of them.

Be diligent. Last but not least, you should both agree to continue looking for a solution for your chronic pain. Both of you want long-lasting relief. If you have tried all recourses and are still experiencing chronic migraines, the Omega migraine procedure  might be right migraine treatment for you.

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