Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Migraine Treatment Centers of America

November 26, 2015


This year, we would like to give thanks to all our patients for the trust they have put in us. We truly do not take it lightly, and we are grateful. Our job is to help people become pain-free and to practice care from the first phone call to the follow-up. It’s a job we enjoy doing, but it would be impossible if you did not choose to place your faith in us.

Thank you so very much. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a little Thanksgiving poem for you:

Mister, Missus, and children dear
Come gather round, it’s that time of year.
No, not that time of year.
The other one.
The one before.

No jingle bells, trees, and boxes of stuff.
No carols and pageants. That will come soon enough.

But now we must pause-

From Texans to Yanks-
Now we must pause to give thanks.

Each in our way, however we can
With clasped, open, or folded hands,
Somber-voiced, whispering, or singing sweet.
And then, when we’re through,
We can eat.

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