Happy Drug and Migraine Free Easter

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March 30, 2015

If battling migraines, identifying triggers and avoiding them with drug free migraine strategies is becoming a full time job, it may be a great time to check out whether the Omega migraine procedure is right for you. After all, enjoying life’s joys and celebrations with loved ones and friends should take up more of your time than fighting migraine pain and other symptoms. Easter, like many holidays, can be especially challenging for headache and migraine sufferers. Don’t let the pastel colors, fluffy bunnies and sweet treats fool you. Easter brings baskets full of migraine triggers for many sufferers.

  • Weather – With spring weather jumping all over the place, barometric pressure can be a real doozy for migraine sufferers. If you are one of the folks who qualify for an Omega migraine procedure, it could provide lasting pain relief during future Easter holidays. For now, keep your migraine medication prescriptions filled.
  • Chocolate – As with many headache and migraine triggers, the verdict on the chocolate is mixed. For those who report headaches after eating chocolate the reasons are many. One of several ingredients in chocolate might be responsible. Cheap chocolate, often used in holiday candy, contains chemicals that may be triggers for some. Milk might cause migraines for others. Only trial, error and tracking will help you know what your chocolate deal is. Small portions of good quality dark chocolate may be more harmless than you think.
  • Stress – You probably already know that stress management can be a powerful drug free migraine therapy. However, let down headaches, which occur after the excitement or stress dissipates can be an unwelcome surprise. Make sure to have your migraine medication handy and pace yourself during the holiday to prevent this type of migraine.
  • Yeast – Avoid fresh baked products containing yeast, like traditional braided breads and hot cross buns.   Pastries, quick breads, whole grains and corn meal might substitute well if yeast is one of your known triggers.
  • Chemicals – Processed, aged, and cured meats like ham contain tyramine and nitrites that are common migraine triggers. Glazed salmon and herb-roasted-lamb are delicious traditional alternatives for your Easter meal.
  • Sweets – Most importantly, you want to know whether you should avoid Easter candy since sugar-overload is reported by some to trigger headaches. Once again, it depends on your personal sensitivities. Chemical food coloring or the sudden blood sugar drop after gorging yourself may be the true ‘candy’ migraine culprit. Moderation may be the best strategy.

If you haven’t undergone an Omega migraine procedure, and have concerns about managing your symptoms this Easter holiday, be mindful of your triggers and use the helpful drug free migraine prevention recommendations above. If needed, be sure to also have your migraine medication on hand, just in case. Now, hop like a Bunny and start preparing for your Easter family celebration!

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