Halloween Hints for Houston Migraine Sufferers

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October 25, 2013

What do New Yorkers and Houstonites (migraines and pollution aside) have in common? The answer shouldn’t ‘spook’ you:  Halloween!  After all, these cities plan to welcome two of the largest industry trade shows. 

 New York will host this year’s International Halloween Show and Houston will host the Halloween and Party Expo early next year.  Then again, Halloween really is everybody’s favorite for one reason or another.  However if you suffer with headaches or migraines, this is the holiday to pull out your drug free migraine ‘trick or treat’ bag.  Let’s face it; there are few places you can hide on Halloween when the world comes straight to your door demanding candy! 

Unless you have cooked up a scheme by now to delegate all your Halloween responsibilities onto someone else, your kids are expecting great things from you this year.  This thought alone can trigger migraines in Houston, New York or anywhere else! 

Some drug free migraine friendly ideas to help you handle Halloween:

  • Feel free to wear a helmet, mask or hood with your costume; this will reduce the chance of triggering a migraine from flashing decorative lights, spooky sound effects in haunted houses, and screaming kiddos. This will be your personal cocoon of calm!
  • Easy does it on the candy.  Avoid chocolate bars with nuts, as these are common headache triggers.  Then again, if this isn’t your trigger, nutty chocalate bars have some magnesium that may help ward off migraines.  Choose fruit chews, cinammon or ginger candies for a beneficial kind of treat.
  • If heading to a party, or going trick or treating with the kids sounds like a sure-fire migraine trigger, consider sending them off with your spouse or friends, and volunteer to stay home and pass out treats to little ghosts and goblins knocking on your door. 

Don’t let migraines in Houston, New York or Los Angeles spook away your Halloween joy.  Be sure to keep your mask, medication and drug free migraine tips handy for a booti-ful day!

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