Good News this month for Dallas Migraine Sufferers!

September 18, 2012

If you are a woman and a Dallas Migraine sufferer, you are probably riddled with mixed feelings about the Texas State Fair coming to town later this month.   There has been some past research suggesting a link between chronic migraines and excess weight gain in women.  With fried Twinkies and corn dogs arriving with the State Fair, this obviously poses a stressful dilemma for many women.  After all is it really worth putting on weight and then suffering with depleting pain and nausea just for a few minutes of sinful decadence in the form of deep fried cookie dough slipping past your lips and melting on your happy tongue?  Well….

Do not fret, because here is some good news for you!  Reuters Health recently reported that researchers from the French national research institute, INSERM and the University of Bordeaux analyzed data from the Women’s Health Study, which began in the 1990’s and tracked thousands of women in the U.S. They found that women with migraines at the beginning of the study were no more likely than the migraine-free women to gain more than the average weight of approximately 10 pounds.  The weight gain across both groups was nearly the same.  The researchers further found that women with severe or chronic migraines were not likelier to gain more weight than those women who experienced migraines infrequently.  So if you have migraines in Dallas what does this mean for you later this month?  Maybe a little treat on special occasions isn’t all that bad?

The study, which was published in the journal Cephalalgia, did not examine the reverse relationship: whether excess weight or obesity in women raised the risk of developing a migraine condition.  In an email interview with Reuters, one of the study’s scientists stated that, “several studies have now shown that obesity is associated with increased migraine frequency.” However, he added that since obesity rates have been rising over the last decades whereas migraine rates have remained steady, it’s not a very likely connection.

If you suffer with chronic migraines though, you are aware that it interferes with your regular exercise routine on days when you can barely drag yourself out of bed or hold your food down.  In general, it is best to maintain a stable healthy weight by eating nutritiously and making exercise a priority in your life.  But, back to the question of whether you should go for that Texas State Fair fried Twinkie: Migraineurs in Dallas and elsewhere… let’s be grateful to folks in France for showing us the way to Joie de Vivre through (in moderation please…) enjoyment of great food!

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