Giving Thanks Without Chronic Headaches

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November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving ushers in the winter holiday frenzy. It’s a cornucopia of food, friends, family and hopefully lots of fun. For those of you with chronic headaches or migraines, this festive season can also be tremendously challenging. Headache triggers are all around us: holiday foods, alcoholic beverages, music everywhere and stress! If you are the lucky one hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you will appreciate some helpful drug free migraine hints to ease your way into the holidays.

  • Manage Stress–The key is to avoid leaving all of your shopping, prepping, cooking and decorating for the last minute. Plan your menu and shop for ingredients well before your dinner. Prepare and freeze or refrigerate pies, casseroles and other items before Thanksgiving Day.
  • Special Requests – Ask your guests to please refrain from wearing perfume if your chronic headaches are triggered by strong scents. Suggesting that everyone bring his or her favorite dish can also give you a break from doing all the cooking.
  • Friendly Food – You don’t want to deprive everybody of holiday favorites, but some traditional Thanksgiving foods could trigger a migraine or headache. Provide migraine friendly alternatives such as rice stuffing instead of bread stuffing; and gluten free fruit pies instead of regular-crust cream pies. Enjoy fresh fruit instead of nuts, and to be safe, pass on the smoked sausage.
  • Ask for Help – Doing all the shopping, prepping, cleaning, cooking and decorating is overwhelming for anybody. When battling a chronic headache condition, it’s completely unreasonable to tackle this on your own. Remember that Thanksgiving is about gratitude. Show your appreciation to your loved ones when you let them help you with all of these chores.
  • Time Out – An obvious drug free migraine prevention tip is simply to take breaks from all of the stimulation when it becomes a bit much. Don’t worry about wasting time or being rude. Your friends and family will understand and want you to stay healthy and happy. By averting a migraine or headache, you will also be able to rejoin the party without having to retreat for the whole day.

Sticking to your drug free migraine strategies, like planning ahead and avoiding triggers during Thanksgiving, is your best bet for enjoying the festivities, and also for launching this year’s whirlwind holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


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