Fortifying Folic Acid: Drug Free Migraine Aid

September 25, 2012

From Sydney to Franklin, migraine afflicted women around the world may find relief from the severity of their symptoms in the dietary supplement folate. This conclusion comes from a research study performed by dietetic experts at the Griffith University in Australia, and recently presented at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney.  The study’s outcome offers a promising new ingredient you can add to your drug free migraine box of recipes.

Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, is the naturally occurring nutritional element found in foods.  Folic acid is the synthetic variety used to supplement nutritional intake for individuals who don’t receive adequate amounts of the vitamin in their daily diet.  You may have noticed that it is used to fortify many cereals and bread products that you purchase at the supermarket.  Widely known to prevent birth defects and taken by pregnant women in their ‘super-vitamins’, it can now be appreciated as a drug free migraine treatment as well.  So how is clinical science suggesting a Franklin migraineur can benefit from adding this nutrient to her diet?

Over a 6-month period the research study, out of the Griffith University in Australia, tracked data from 147 women with migraines accompanied by aura.  The women were consuming a diet rich with the synthetic form of folate, or folic acid. Their folate intake was further enriched by the Australian government’s recent regulations requiring that flour  in baked products contains folic acid.  The researchers noted the subjects blood folate levels at the beginning of the study.  At the end of the study’s period they found that the women’s migraine symptoms has lessened by 14% along with the rises in blood folate concentration.

Taking advantage of this new information could offer an added drug free migraine tool for you.  After discussing this option with your physician, reach for folate-rich foods like leafy greens, beans, citrus fruits and a wide variety of enriched breads and cereals.  So despite being worlds apart in Australia and Tennessee, women from Sydney to Franklin with migraines may be able to lessen the severity of their headaches and symptoms simply by adding this precious nutrient to their daily diet.


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