Fast Diet and Chronic Headaches

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November 8, 2013

They say it could be the key to longevity and a trimmer waistline.  But how does it fare as a drug free migraine treatment or therapy for your chronic daily headaches?  Could it potentially make your condition worse?

The ‘Fast Diet’, or as it is also commonly referred to, the 5:2 or 5/2 diet, is based on adding short-term fasts between periods of normal eating.  This trendy diet became popular in Britain during 2012 and has since exploded in trendiness, with various books written on the topic, around the world.  Media stories and message boards abound with testimonials of phenomenal weight loss and ‘feel-good’ stories.

According to Britain’s National Health Service news website NHS Choices, advocates of intermittent fasting diets assert they may offer health benefits beyond weight loss, such as improved cognitive performance, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and a reduced risk for developing diabetes and certain cancers. The research behind this, and claims that the 5:2 may even extend life, was primarily performed on laboratory animals, and may have different outcomes with human subjects.

The benefits offered by these diets, which could lessen the frequency of chronic daily headaches or even be part of a drug free migraine treatment plan, arise from the concept that you are eliminating inflammatory foods that can trigger or worsen headaches in some people.

On the flip side, extreme diets increase the likelihood that chronic headaches or migraines may worsen due to hypoglycemia or dehydration.  So rather than jumping to include an intermittent fasting diet, like the Fast Diet, or 5:2 diet, into your drug free migraine treatment plan, you may want to consult with your physician to make sure you will not be doing yourself more harm than good.  After all, there are plenty of other diets out there that provide for high nutrition, moderate caloric intake and trigger free foods.

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