Family Bears Burden of Chronic Migraines

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November 4, 2014

You’re not looking to get off the hook for giving your spouse the cold shoulder in the boudoir, or an excuse for skipping little Susie’s piano recital.   However, it is possible your chronic migraine condition is to blame for your irritability and annoyance. A recent study suggests that migraine symptoms impact not only the migraineur but their entire family as well. Perhaps treating migraines effectively in this case, can also treat fragmented family relationships.

“The Family Burden of Chronic  Migraine  to  the  Migraineur: Results  of the  CaMEO (Chronic  Migraine  Epidemiology  &  Outcomes) Study” was presented recently at the 56th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society. The lead author, a neurologist from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, said “This study highlights the significant impact of chronic migraine, not only on the person with migraine, but on the entire family.”

She added “respondents reported missing both routine and special family events on a regular basis and feeling guilty and sad about how this affected their relationships with their spouses and children.”

The Internet based study analyzed data from 994 chronic migraine sufferers. Their responses indicated that 59 per cent of them believed their parenting ability was negatively impacted and almost 75 per cent felt the condition hampered their spousal obligations. It’s easy to understand how this sense of remorse and guilt can exacerbate and already suffering migraineur. Family members are not immune to this emotional burden.

It’s no surprise that when a migraineur is in the throes of pain and nausea, he or she is highly sensitive to a spouse’s touch or a child’s impatient demands. Family events like reunions or celebrations can be especially stressful and could even trigger migraines for some people.

Treating migraines at the very first sign of symptoms can help prevent these events from becoming emotional family disasters. Finding a reliable and long lasting migraine treatment could also be key to helping the entire family cope with emotional tensions that occur when one member suffers with a chronic migraine condition. Whether you choose migraine medication or a migraine procedure, next year’s family vacation doesn’t have to be a washout due to your migraines. Managing your migraines will lead to less guilt and more quality family time.






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