Fall Fairs and a Migraine Procedure

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October 7, 2014

It’s been a year already since the last fall fair season in cities and towns across America. Perhaps last year’s visit to your local town or state fair landed you in bed and nursing a migraine attack? Maybe after this episode you decided to undergo a migraine procedure to finally put an end to your suffering.

If not, and you’re planning a to visit a festival or fair in Tacoma, Long Island or Dallas, migraines might once again put a damper on fun. This time, be better prepared with some strategies to help you get through the day, while having fun and not feeling like a spoilsport for the rest of your family.

  • Check the weather forecast so you can better anticipate your migraine fighting tools. Sunglasses to shield you from bright headaches triggering sun; painkillers if barometric pressure changes are likely to launch pounding pain in your head.
  • Bring your migraine medication, and be sure to refill any prescription well before your fair day outing.
  • Avoid trigger fair foods, like nitrate laden grilled meat, alcoholic beverages, cheese, baked products, and caffeinated drinks.
  • Earplugs discreetly popped into your ears can make a huge difference during live musical performances, fireworks displays, and navigating hordes of happy and loud fairgoers.
  • Avoid smells that might send you into a headache hell. From grilled foods, to farm animal aromas and ‘people’ odors, fairs present a cornucopia of smells.
  • Skip the Roller Coaster and other equilibrium challenging rides. A recent Livescience.com news report featured a story about a woman who rode a fair ride in England, only to suffer with dizziness for a whole year following the event. Apparently, she suffered with an unusual type of migraine.

With any luck, these strategies may avoid triggering fall fair migraines in Dallas, Hartford or Atlanta. Keeping your sensory stimulation to a manageable level could make the difference between a great day and a miserable one. If history repeats itself, and you find yourself warding of pain and nausea, or even succumbing to a migraine attack, you might want to talk with your doctor soon about whether a migraine procedure is the right solution for your condition.

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