Drug Free Migraine Tips For Summer Farewell

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September 9, 2014

Nobody needs to convince you that mixing parties and chronic migraines isn’t pretty. Perhaps you hosted your annual Labor Day weekend party or simply snagged an invitation to one of summer’s final flings (with warm weather dragging into September, who says summer parties stop at Labor Day?)

Either way, you can always use some drug free migraine management tips. Serving, or bringing, migraine friendly food and beverages will make the most of your farewell-to-summer festivities:

Food for Thought

  • Get your dose of healthy migraine fighting healthy fats from grilled fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Marinate riboflavin-rich veggies, like broccoli and mushrooms in olive oil before sautéing or baking.
  • Get your daily dose of drug free migraine fighting magnesium with baked white and sweet potatoes. For something a little trendier and earthy, whip up a grain medley of brown rice and quinoa.
  • Avoid rich desserts that can trigger chronic migraines by spiking and dropping blood sugar levels. A watermelon boat filled with assorted fruit will also help keep you hydrated, and add some magnesium and potassium to keep dehydration at bay.

Drink Up

  • Stay hydrated with mint and citrus infused iced herbal or decaf green tea.
  • Using a blender, juicer or extraction system whip up a fruit slushy and add a splash or coconut flavor for a tropical treat.
  • Perk up nature’s best drug free migraine fighting substance, H2O with some sliced orange and lemon.

If you’re hosting the event, kicking up the party mood doesn’t have to kick off chronic migraines. Rather than boosting music volume, pick a festive theme like Caribbean Paradise or Hawaiian Luau and play the soulful and soothing music of the islands. If you are a guest, simply choose the least stimulating window of time to visit the party and don’t overstay your comfort zone. Like all great fairy tales, finish your summer of 2014 with a happy ending.


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