Drug Free Migraine Resolution at Work

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February 11, 2015

As you work your way into the resolution list you made to improve your life this year, prioritizing your ‘well-being’ has got you stuck. Since time spent at work is pretty significant for many of us, it makes sense to start with improving your work experience with some drug free migraine accommodations. Whether you work in an intense city like Chicago, or a mellower one like Nashville, your migraines are more likely associated with daily stressful events and stimuli within your immediate work environment. So improving your day-to-day experience at work can certainly satisfy your ‘well-being’ resolution.

  • Meals – It gets so crazy at work sometimes you forget to eat. Plan ahead to avoid missing meals and triggering a migraine. Store healthy snacks like dried fruit, nuts and oatmeal packets in your bag or desk. If the break room is stocked with sugary snacks and caffeinated beverages, bring your own healthy snacks from home like hummus and veggie sticks, bottles of fruit juice and decaffeinated tea bags. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Smells – It may be tough managing the odors created by others at work, especially since windows in offices are usually designed to remain closed. This is where charm could be your best drug free migraine prevention plan. Ask your coworkers if they could (please) not wear strong perfume as it causes you great discomfort. If the cleaning crew uses noxious fluids to clean your office, ask if they could use unscented products instead(offer to bring some to your office) around your space.
  • Lighting – If fluorescent or flickering lighting is triggering your migraines try relocating your workstation. Bring in your own lamp from home, if you can turn off the offending office light. Your computer screen can be adjusted to minimize brightness, and ‘tamed’ with an anti-glare cover.
  • Drama – Avoiding your cranky boss or complaining coworkers isn’t always possible; yet you can manage the stress from these sources through relaxation exercises that you can perform in your workspace. These include meditation, focused breathing, stretching and listening to music (with ear buds if possible.) Attaching yourself to noise-cancelling headphones, plugged into a music source, is an inconspicuous way to evade noisy, stressful drama.

You might decide you can stick it out at your job in Chicago, New York or L.A. and not have to relocate to a saner city like Nashville. Migraines can be managed at most jobs with medication, drug free migraine therapies or a migraine procedure. You really can make this resolution for your well being succeed!

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