Drug Free Migraine Gifts for Mom

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May 9, 2015

Shopping for the perfect Mother’s Day gift is sure to trigger your own chronic headache condition that you inherited from her (along with that stubborn muffin top) if you don’t have a plan. A list of drug free migraine soothing treats is just what you need to make this process just a little less painless.

  • Wraps and masks – Microwaveable heat and freezable cold head wraps and eye masks are not the most exciting presents. But when your mom is in the throes of a migraine, this low-tech tool provides much needed relief while she rests in a darkened room.
  • Spa membership –Health clubs, gyms and stand alone spas offer short term memberships where your mom can enjoy saunas, massage therapy and mind-body relaxation classes to ease stress and soothe migraine symptoms.
  • Tinted glasses – Many migraine and chronic headache sufferers wear tinted sunglasses and precision ophthalmic tinted lenses to ward off headaches in bright or highly stimulating places, like supermarkets and the great outdoors. It’s probably best to bring your mother along when you make this purchase.
  • Zen kit – Everybody recommends meditation as one of the best drug free migraines therapies. But how is your straight-laced mother supposed to get started? Making her a Zen kit with self-guided DVD or CD how-to’s, pretty floor mat, scented candle, and even a cute flowy outfit will get her started on this great practice.
  • Migraine App – For the tech-adventurous mother, a new smartphone or tablet will be a welcome alternative to the cumbersome migraine journal. Make sure to pre-load her device with a user-friendly migraine app to help her track triggers, medication, pain and symptoms next time a migraine hits.
  • Tea Box or Steeper – Grabbing a tea bag from the cupboard is fine. But for a delightful soothing teatime ritual, give you mother an exotic tea-box with individual compartments chock-full of her favorite herbal teas. For a real treat, give her a sack of loose herbal tea together with a lovely steeper mug and cover.

While you certainly can’t find this last gift at the local mall, an Omega migraine procedure for two may be just the best drug free migraine Mother’s gift ever. Not only will Mom enjoy your company during her pain-relieving journey, but you will be treating your own chronic headache condition too!


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