Drug Free Migraine Gift Guide

December 21, 2012

Is it really a surprise you’re down to the wire with your holiday shopping?  Are you looking for some last minute gifting ideas for a loved one (including yourself!) who suffers with chronic migraines and for whom this time of year is especially migraine trigger filled?  You may want to take your shopping online to avoid triggering your own headache or migraine with a stressful shopping trip navigating traffic on the road and crowds in the mall.  The following ideas for drug free migraine gifts could help you find just the right something special to help your loved one enjoy their holiday:

Delightful Delectables

  • Sulfite-free white wine – red wine and preservative sulfites have been linked with triggering chronic migraines.
  • Gift basket of exotic fruit, herbal teas and mixed nuts – this is a nice alternative to the chocolate and cheese gifts that many people receive this season.  Herbal teas like peppermint and ginger infusions can help ease symptoms of nausea while black tea provides a needed shot of caffeine when a migraine hits.

Preventative Presents

  • Meditation CDs or DVDs – with stress a constant threat this time of year, taking up meditation can help prevent migraines from acting up
  • Massage Gift Certificate – another drug free migraine therapy to manage stress to avoid triggering headaches
  • Noise Canceling Headphones – these will help shut out loud annoying music or noise, a common migraine trigger for some.

Soothing Statements

  • Heat/Cold Packs – various themed and fuzzy versions of these packs can be microwaved or placed in the freezer.  Warm packs can be used to ease muscle tension and cold packs to soothe pain.
  • Aromatherapy accessories – while certain smells might trigger chronic migraines, others like lavender may calm the senses.

If you suffer with migraines, and your finances look a little bleak this year, the health website healthcentral.com suggests some nifty under $20 gift ideas like an old fashioned ice bag, a bath pillow, fuzzy soft socks and a fuzzy throw for a little soothing comfort during a migraine.  Remember, you also deserve some drug free migraine gifts this holiday.  You should start by giving yourself some quiet private time to de-stress so that you can enjoy the holidays too.

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