Drug Free Migraine Busting Bodybuilding

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June 13, 2015

Let’s tone that down a bit. We’re not suggesting you morph into the Incredible Hulk this year, but you should exercise if you want to tackle your chronic migraines free of drugs, or at least with minimal medication, and get fitter too! When you’re plagued with migraines in Dallas, Chicago or any large metropolitan area, you’ve no excuse for not exercising. Opportunities abound, and remember: it’s been your top New Year’s resolution every year since…well, let’s not go there.

So what if it’s February and you feel defeated since you haven’t been to the gym or even watched your fitness DVD’s at home! Think of it this way, you didn’t ‘give up’; you were just ‘warming up your soul’ during January. The following tips will hopefully inspire, motivate, and ease you into an exercise routine to help you combat chronic migraines in Dallas, Chicago and everywhere else:

  • Go shopping. Spiffing up your grungy exercise clothes could be just the thing to brighten up your time spent at the gym. Instead of catching a glimpse of the same old tired stretched-out-sweatpants-wearing person in the mirror, you will admire a new you in sporty workout wear.
  • Switch gyms. It’s hard making changes in our lives—even when we aren’t necessarily satisfied with the status quo. You may hate walking into your gym for many reasons: broken equipment, surly staff, rude members and horrible music. Yet, finding a new gym seems stressful. Do it anyway for the sake of your chronic migraine condition.   A week or two of touring and trying out new places will be well worth the time and effort.  If you love your new gym, you will look forward to going and be more productive while you’re there.
  • Join a league, team, class or group. Being accountable to other people will motivate you.  Think of it as signing up for ‘positive peer pressure.’ Joining an exercise class is also a great way to learn a new activity like dance, yoga, or core strengthening from a qualified instructor. The camaraderie will inspire you to keep going, even at your own pace.
  • Hire a coach. Taking up a new sport like swimming, kickboxing or pilates offers stress relief for your migraine, and fitness benefits for your body. But what if you feel self-conscious or anxious while going it alone or in a large class setting? Hiring your own coach or personal trainer can alleviate these challenges

Building your body’s fitness level also builds your resistance to stress triggered chronic migraines. While launching a new exercise habit poses challenges and anxieties for many of us, don’t let that discourage you. If you live in a rural area, take advantage of Mother Nature and take your exercise routine outdoors. But if you cope with migraines in Dallas or another large city, you have no excuses to avoid exercise. The options for classes, group activities, and facilities to work out on your own are countless. So get out there and lower your migraine triggers while building your better body!


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